PaMu Scroll By Padmate Wireless Earphones Review

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I’ve been using my iPhone XS Max since I got it a year ago earphone The ones that come with the phone, they’re terrible. They get tangled, not loud, and repeatedly fall out of my ears. I’ve been wanting some wireless earphones for a while, but didn’t want the Apple AirPods because they’re overpriced and have the same shape as the standard wired EarPods, so I end up with the same problem of dropping them over and over again. So I’ve been looking for a set of wireless headphones that are better shaped and designed so I don’t have to worry about them falling out because they cost more than your standard wired headphones.I met PaMu Scroll Author: PadmateThe design looks exactly what I want.

PaMu Scroll By Padmate Wireless Headphones Review

Who is Pamet?

Padmate’s success story began with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in March 2018. This became one of the most well-funded audio equipment events on the platform. The brand from China now wants to become more and more active in Europe and focuses on products that combine fashion with high-quality technology.

Padmate with their Wireless Headphones, known for its multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaigns. Their latest is the PaMu Scroll for Padmate, which is the BThe Bluetooth 5.0 headset offers high-quality sound, stylish design, optimal wearing comfort and is IPX6 certified.

PaMu Scroll By Padmate Wireless Headphones Review

The PaMu Scroll for the Padmate BT 5.0 true wireless earphones costs $79 and is available in four different designs; Graphene, Sakura, Glory, and Rock. As of this writing, the headphones are only available through the Padmate website or Amazon. However, the exciting news is that they will be available at Selfridges this quarter.

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It is said that they Features one of the most stable Bluetooth 5.0 connections on the market for efficient power consumption and 4x the range. 6mm graphene drivers guarantee perfect sound quality and lifelike voice reproduction. The earphones have a battery life of 3.5 hours, but can be recharged 3 times using the charging case, so they can provide about 12 hours of music enjoyment.

Open the box, the headset is charging

The earphones come with a “scroll” shaped leather charging case that helps protect your earphones during transport and also holds them in place while charging – as they attach magnetically.I’m not the most tech-savvy so I suggest you read this step-by-step article technical page Padmate walks through all the features of the earphones and why they’re better than the Apple AirPods.

PaMu Scroll By Padmate Wireless Headphones Review

The battery inside is a 500mAh battery and the built-in magnets guarantee the precise closure of the case. The reel charges the earphones when not in use, there is a micro-USB charging port on the left side of the case, and they also support wireless charging according to the latest standards. Inside the reel, there are three different sizes of silicone tips; S/M/L, which fit perfectly inside the ear. Weighing only 5 grams, they fit comfortably in the ear.

Padmate’s PaMu Scroll has IPX6 certification, which effectively protects the PaMu Scroll from splashes, sweat and rain, making it ideal for use while exercising. They feature automatic pairing, and touch controls make them super easy to use, all you need to do is press the buttons on the right or left side of your ear to control music, playback, make calls, or activate your voice assistant. You can activate Siri or Google Assistant by double-tapping the left earbud.

Close up of white and rose gold headphones

I have Padmate’s PaMu Scroll By Padmate Cherry Blossom design with the prettiest metallic blush pink leather scroll with white plastic and rose gold accents. The earphones are white and rose gold, and they are very aesthetically pleasing. I’ve never seen such a beautiful pair of headphones before, and while the color and look aren’t that important, the sound quality is also great. The silicone eartips do a good job of securing the earphones in your ears and are very comfortable to use. If you’ve been looking for a set of wireless headphones, you can’t go wrong with the PaMu Scroll by Padmate Headphones.

You can find PaMu Scroll for Padmate wireless headphones right here.

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