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VO5 used to be genuinely popular brand I was in the beauty world when I first started blogging, but they are rarely talked about these days. I decided to try the brand again and bought their signature Oil Shots and VO5 Invisibly Light Hair Oil for £6. VO5 Invisibly Light Hair Oil, £4.39, launched as part of the new VO5 Natural Enhance range, is designed to give dry and dull hair a healthy boost.

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VO5 Invisibly Light Hair Oil is made with a supercharged formula powered by marula oil that provides up to three days of frizz control. You can apply the oil to dry or damp hair before styling, or use it on wet hair to help detangle hair before drying. Wherever you use VO5 Hair Oil, you’re guaranteed silky shine and long-lasting softness without your hair feeling greasy or looking greasy! The convenient spray bottle lets you restore hair quickly and easily on the go. Simply spritz to give your hair shine and boost moisture when needed.


  • Vo5 Invisible Light Hair Oil Treats Your Hair Not Once, Not Even Twice, But Five Different Ways – Treat Your Delicate Hair With 5 Unique Benefits of Hair Oil Treatment
  • Anti-Frizz – Control Frizz with Vo5 Invisibly Light – Welcome to the Frizz-Free World
  • Silky Shine – Our Vo5 oil adds natural shine to your hair without being greasy
  • Soft Feel – Invisible Light Hair Oil Products Leave Hair Irresistibly Soft
  • Tames Flyaways – Vo5 Hair Oil Treatment Will Make Flyaways Fly Away
  • Oh, and this oil also detangles your hair perfectly, plus, it can be used on wet or dry hair

VO5 Invisible Light Hair Oil Review

VO5 Invisible Lightweight Hair Oil

VO5 Invisibly Light Hair Oil is packaged in a 50ml plastic bottle with a golden pump dispenser. The oil is golden yellow and viscous.I like Moroccan Hair Oil, it’s the best hair oil I’ve ever tried, so there’s a lot to like about any other hair oil I’ve tried. The oil does not feel very light to me and it does feel greasy. It does not tame my hair like a pomade, nor does it control frizz.This is not a product I will continue to use as I don’t like how greasy it makes my hair and in my opinion it’s not worth buying as there are better quality drugstore pomades like Haskell oil or Australian oil.

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