Keepr’s Honey Lovers Gift Box

KEEPR'S Honey Lovers Gift Box

If you know someone who really loves gin, and they love honey, the Keeper’s Honey Lovers gift box would make an incredible gift.I’ve never heard of the Keeper brand before, but they are British Honey Company Established in 2014 in the beautiful village of Yarnton in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire.

Since then, expanding across Oxfordshire, each hive has been working endlessly, pollinating the lawns and hedges of England and bringing you our delicious 100% British honey. They now have over 275 hives across England and source the finest honey from beekeepers accredited by the National Beekeepers Association. Their range includes Cotswold, blueberry, apple blossom, heather, borage and cut comb dripped with English raw honey.

use branded Delicious award-winning classic London dry gin Their master distiller, Keeper’s 1606, has produced a range of inspired honey and fruit infusions, including Keeper’s London Dry gin infused with Cotswold honey. Their products are all produced in small batches using only 100% British honey from their own hives and the gin is said to be smooth and easy to drink with a distinctive honey sweetness. Their range has since expanded to include a selection of Keeper’s vodkas and rums, which can be simply mixed to create a range of fantastic cocktails, adding welcome twists to classics.

KEEPR'S Honey Lovers Gift Box

this Keeper’s Honey Lovers Gift Box Just one of many gift sets The British Honey Company offers on their website.This package is £45, which contains two full-size items in a very cute white gift box with a floral front with a little bee on it. Keeper’s Honey Lovers gift box contains Classic London Dry Gin with English Honey 40% Vol. 70cl Purchased separately and for £37.50 The British Honey Company Keeper’s British Honey English Cut Comb in British Honey Company Borage Honey 240g £8 to buy separately. Having these two products in one gift box is a really lovely idea and it’s beautifully presented, making it a perfect gift for yourself or someone else who loves honey and/or gin.

KEEPR'S Honey Lovers Gift Box

Keeper’s Classic London Dry Gin with English Honey

Our Classic London Dry Gin is painstakingly distilled using only the finest botanicals to create a superb infusion with 100% pure English honey from our own hives. Subtly sweetened with honey, this award-winning gin is a welcome twist on the quintessentially English drink.

You can buy honey schnapps in full size bottles through their website, but they also offer smaller sizes, which is great. There is a 5cl size for £4.99 which is a good tasting size, but there is also a 20cl size for £15. Honey Gin comes in a really nice glass bottle and I really like the golden hue of the gin. I don’t know about you, but it makes it look more enticing. The tags are really cute, the flowers and bee are even incorporated into the barcode on the back of the tag.

KEEPR'S Honey Lovers Gift BoxKEEPR'S Honey Lovers Gift Box

Keeper’s British Honey English Cut Comb in British Honey Company

Our pure, 100% British cut honeycomb is suspended in borage honey, bringing you the purest honey straight from the hive. Light in color and delicate in taste, it is delicious spread on warm buttered toast.

I’m the biggest honey fan, so I love that this super special borage honey is included in the Keeper’s Honey Lovers gift box, which includes a wide English cutting comb wedge.I have never tried a honeycomb like this before and they even offer big box A 190g cutting comb is also included if you just want to try the honeycomb. The comb can be eaten straight out of the tub, or it can be broken down and added to salads, desserts, or a tasty topping for breakfast in the morning.

The Keeper’s Honey Lovers Gift Box is a fabulous gift set and it’s great to be able to try both The British Honey Company Honey Gin and their Cut Comb suspended in honey in one gift set. It will appeal to those who like gin and who like to try different types of gin, but also those who just like honey.

You can buy a beautiful Keeper’s Honey Lovers gift box right here.

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